2023 Diary of Doings



January 21, 2023: This past Thursday, January 19th, was the regular Calgary RASC meeting. I had a more important one to attend at the Legion, so I didn’t go.

However, I spoke to someone who was there who said he saw both Robyn Foret and Roland Dechesne keeping a sharp lookout for me, in case I should appear anywhere at the Library.

It’s nice to know they’re still thinking of me… quite touching in fact.


January 5, 2023:  I’m sending an Email to Robyn Foret, Simon Poole, and Roland Dechesne:

Dear sirs:

I trust you have all had as merry and as happy a Christmas and New Year as you believe you deserve.

The Calgary Public Library has apologized to me for their part in the events of October 20th, 2022.

Their security members were acting in good faith, based on information from you (and possibly others) that in reality was, to put it charitably, erroneous.

The Library has since also been informed that there has never been a ‘restraining order’ filed against me.

Should another public presentation, at the Calgary Public Library, be of interest to me, I expect to be treated as any other member of the public would be, and not be the target of continued harassment.


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Brian Lyonnais
Brian Lyonnais
9 days ago
Reply to  ghadmin

Bro I was there and 50% of the people you claim were “on the lookout” For you weren’t there. You post this fiction and expect people to believe you. Give your head a shake!!! So funny man. You are inconsequential, nobody cares.

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