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July 15, 2022: I notice that the RASC has finally updated their website with the names of the new Directors and Officers. Apparently they had intended to finalize those things at a Board meeting right after the AGM, but they had wasted so much time discussing me (contrary to the CNFPC Act) and they didn’t want to miss seeing Sarah Seager’s talk, so they had no time for the customary meeting. Presumably they’ve held a Board meeting now to make their roles official.



July 9, 2022: I was going over the comments from the ‘anonymous’ correspondent, whom I am convinced is Past President Robyn Foret, and found him saying: “… matters such as complaints normally involve the persons who are complained against and those who filed the complaint as well as a mediator or someone like that…”.

I would tend to agree with him in principle, except for the fact that has not been the pattern while he has been active on the RASC Board. When he “put himself in the driver’s seat” with respect to Heather Laird’s complaint against Grace Nelson, he had the opportunity to immediately reset the process, and find a mediator, to deal with that dispute between two members according to section G23 of the RASC Policy Manual.

But instead he maintained the unilateral demand that Grace resign from her Council positions, and then proceeded to attack her husband, Roger as well, with no sign of mediation.

My removal from the RASC Email lists, and then from the RASC FB group occurred without my being notified of a complaint, and without any mediator or even discussion, despite section G13 of the Policy Manual listing removal from social media as a ‘last resort’ after increasing levels of warnings.

Despite Robyn’s denials, these are the actions typical of ‘cancel culture’.



July 6, 2022: I was reminded today that all the websites created for General Assemblies up to 2017 were proprietary in nature, and re-using the website for another GA would require going back to the originator for a rework (and pay them, of course).

In 2018, a year before being rudely (and illegally according to the CNFPCA, section 9: 129-130) removed from the RASC Board, Roger Nelson created the website for the Calgary 2018 GA, as well as revising it for the 2019 GA in Toronto, and the 2020 GA that would have been held in Vancouver.

He did it in WordPress, and gave the whole thing to the Society. Now anyone with some familiarity with WordPress can take it up, modify it (mostly with drag-and-drop) and use it again for future GAs.

His reward for this generosity was being expelled from the Society along with his wife.




July 4, 2022: Several indications lead me to believe that an ‘anonymous’ commenter on the main RASC page, with whom I had an extended discussion, is none other than the immediate Past President, Robyn Foret… venting frustration and resentment.



June 30, 2022: A second member from the AGM related to me much the same tale of a vote to kick me out of the virtual venue, though they noted that it was at the end of the GA anyway, and so would have been fairly pointless.



June 28, 2022: A member who attended the AGM reported to me that someone there proposed a motion to the effect that I be removed from the whole GA (GatherTown, public talks, etc) on the basis that they didn’t feel “safe” with my virtual representation around. I’m not sure if they expected my little pixelated Gathertown avatar to leap upon theirs, Super Mario style, and explode their mushroom, or what.

After much discussion, the motion garnered roughly half of the votes cast, with many abstentions.

However, the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act, section 162, (9), and following, requires that all motions at an AGM be sent out in advance to the members, and that since all business at an AGM is “special business”, a two thirds majority would be required to pass.

So not only was the motion out of order from the get-go, it failed to receive the necessary votes.

I would have expected someone on the Board to point out the defects, but apparently they either didn’t know the relevant contents of the Act, or in some cases perhaps their unfounded bias against me motivated them to not intervene.



June 27, 2022: The Board’s bylaw provisions passed with only about 90% approval. The issues remain that the ‘no local-only members’ provision is more aspirational than practical, and is apparently just an extension of the Board’s vendettas against certain members. Meanwhile, Robyn’s email countering my remarks on the Bylaw spurred considerably more traffic than usual to websites run by Roger Nelson and John Kelly, as well as possibly to this website. Given the strong likelihood of the Board’s amendments being accepted at the AGM anyway, his email effort seems to have been counter-productive to his ‘cancel culture’ campaign.



June 26, 2022: Robyn Foret has sent out a rebuttal to my remarks on this website, presumably emailed to all members, including an admission that the Board will not be implementing the RASC ‘local only’ membership provision against the most egregious example, that of the Centre francophone de Montréal… which is as I predicted.

For Robyn to send out such a panic-stricken plea suggests that he, and the Board, know full well that they intend being incoherent and arbitrary in the application of our Bylaws, and are afraid that other members will notice the problem.

Several members forwarded the text of his email to me, since he did not include me in the broadcast. The email also contains several personal remarks and vitriol directed against me, but I shall not reply in kind.



June 24, 2022, At the GatherTown virtual hanging out portal for the 2022 GA, I talked with a number of different people, some of whom opined that the Board was adamant about their bylaw changes, even the obviously defective second one. Since the chances of the Board implementing the provision and forcing the Centre francophone de Montréal to change its structure are remote, the likelihood of any other Centre paying heed in the circumstances are equally remote.



June 23, 2022: One of the Bylaw changes now being proposed for the AGM is something I explicitly warned Michael Watson against doing, since it would once again put our remaining francophone Centre in violation of the National Bylaws. But the Board is trying it anyway.



The RASC General Assembly is going to be online this year June 24-27, 2022. Two candidates for election to the Board have published Candidate Statements, but there should, in principle, be three vacancies. Robyn Foret and Chris Gainor are apparently stepping down, but it’s not been made clear who the third might be. I’ve paid for my attendance as a non-member for the public parts of the GA, but of course some of it is member-only.


June 17th 2022 I attended a regular meeting of the Calgary Centre, since these are always open to non-members. Robyn Foret, current President of the Society, seemed upset to see me there, and refused to let me ask the speaker a question during the Q&A after her talk. His pettiness continues even in  small matters. Heather Laird was there, and has apparently joined the Centre for a third time, having twice quit in a fit of pique when things didn’t go her way.

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