2023 Saskatchewan Summer Star Party- SSSP

This was the first year I had to fully try out the new portable air conditioner. The van normally has A/C only while in motion, but since all the campground sites at SSSP have power, I was able to test this out.

The cold air vents blow toward the main side door instead of over the bed, but in a few minutes the beneficial effects can be clearly felt throughout the interior.

And of course using reflective coverings on the south side of the van helps keep heat buildup down.


As usual I have my 200mm Meade SCT set up, and the smaller tripod for either the 60mm solar telescope or the 105mm refractor, both using Vixen dovetail mounts for convenience. Naturally the firepit remains completely unused. My predecessors at the site left two huge bags of trash behind, despite it being extremely convenient to drop it off in the bins right by the exit to the Meadows campground.


The Registration and loitering tent, where the late night snacks are sold: