RASC Expulsions 2016 onward

Here are tales of expulsions from the RASC

2016 expulsion   of Ross Sinclair

2020 expulsion   of Grace and Roger Nelson

2021 expulsion   of Glenn Hawley (provisionally)

2022 expulsion of Glenn Hawley (definitively)


The result of these and related controversies has been the loss to the Society of two National Board members (Roger Nelson and Heather Laird), three Calgary Centre Council members (Roger & Grace Nelson, Glenn Hawley) and one Past President (Glenn Hawley), and contributed to the voluntary departure from the Society of at least six longstanding Members, several of whom have played notable roles at the National level.

The question hangs in the air of what the underlying purpose of all these excesses might be.

The Board has said nothing about why it’s been doing these suboptimal things, nor has it laid out any sort of general policy direction that might underlie them.

Much of it appears to be simply an expression of Cancel Culture, of eliminating anyone who dares criticize Board decisions.

Leading characters in the abuses have included Board members Heather Laird, Charles Ennis, and Robyn Foret, as well as other members including Nicole Mortillaro, and Katrina Ince-Lum.

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1 year ago

Before these three cases of expulsions of long standing members of the Society, to the best of your memory, how many times has the RASC in the past resorted to this drastic action?