2024 Diary of Doings

An interesting article has appeared about the ‘weaponization’ of workplace safety and respect.

It’s about people who take any disagreement or difference of opinion and claim it to be contrary to policies intended to protect people from harassment.

And then they misuse those policies to harass their victim(s).

I’m not the only one who has suffered that exact kind of abuse within the RASC, of course, but it seems that only a few people practice such evil.

Heather Laird and Nicole Mortillaro, for example.



In the Calgary Centre Starseeker  is an article about the Eccle’s Ranch Observatory having issues with soft ground in the centre area. The narrow pipe that drains the southeast part of the site was installed by the late Phil Johnson and myself some time ago.

However it requires digging out every seven years or so, since the soft clay ground ‘flows’ over time, and fills in the downstream ditch that runs on the east side of the entry road.

I sent an email to that effect to the site director alias, ero@calgaryrasc.ca but I have no idea whether anyone will pay attention.

The other pipe that drains to the west is more visible, but its upstream ditch, too, needs being redug once in a while.




The Alberta Star Party website is now up, and it appears that the venue will once again be the appropriately named Starland Campground.

A new addition to the website is a provision: “The Calgary Centre books all of Starland Area “A” for the Alberta Star Party.
Therefore camping in Area “A” during the Alberta Star Party is restricted to paid star party registrants.”

However, and this can be verified with Starland County officials, the whole camp site is run on a ‘first come first served’ basis, and the Calgary Centre has no actual authority to impose any such restrictions.

The February 2024  Starseeker newsletter does not list an organizer for the Star Party, but since the current Council is moving toward running things by ‘committee’, they maybe have a handful of volunteers to replace the previous organizer, Jason Nishiyama.