2022 Diary of Doings


Check back from time to time

December 17, 2022: I have received a response to my FOIP request to the Calgary Public Library, full of interesting tidbits.

December 15, 2022:  It’s been a few weeks since my last update… I’ve been occupied with other things.

One of my acquaintances, who came from Ottawa and still has friends in the Ottawa Centre, said that they’d been informed that National was not sending Ottawa their share of the membership fee money. I don’t know whether this might be deliberate for some reason, or just represent a sort of reduced competence among the staff at National.

This development has only exacerbated grumbling at the Ottawa Centre with the way the Society is being run.

Another rumour from the National Council has arisen that the Society is looking at a huge shortfall this year, on the order of $500,000+. The Board has not, however, informed the Council of any plan to deal with the disaster, mitigate losses, or change its spending habits.

November 11, 2022:  In the last few weeks I’ve attended (via Zoom, under my own name) several different Centre meetings, and even chatted with some friends from past GAs without anyone remarking on my presence.

The fervor to exclude me is apparently not widespread within the Society, and seems more to be of a personal vendetta by Robyn Foret and his ‘posse’.

November 2, 2022:   When Roland Dechesne accosted me at the public meeting, he made a comment to the effect that I had spent two years ‘ignoring the evidence’, presumably the ‘evidence’ the Board thought of in its expulsion.

So what exactly was provided as ‘evidence’?

I’m supposed to have been ‘aggressive, sarcastic, demeaning and uncivil’, and I looked in the Board’s materials for some examples, maybe a few quotes from emails, dates, locations, some context, or anything else pertinent, and there was nothing.

Just as for the above, no evidence of ‘microaggression’ was provided, nor even an explanation of what the Board meant by the term.

No instances of support for John Kelly’s Rascrenegades site were supplied, as above.

And no evidence that I supplied anything to Mr Kelly that was in any way confidential.

Finally there was some description of things I had posted on FaceBook, but no criteria offered as to what my FB stalker, Robyn Foret, found objectionable, nor adequate justification for Robyn or the Board to have editorial control over my own personal FB account, an account not involved with the Society at all. If Robyn dislikes what I post, he can stop being a follower.

So, someone has been fibbing for Roland to adhere to the idea.

October 20, 2022: I went to a RASC Calgary related public talk tonight at the Calgary Public Library. On my arrival I was accosted by Roland Dechesne, who harangued me about being there, told me I was obstinate, that I was a denier of ‘global warming’,  and that I should leave.  I replied that it was a public event, advertised by the Calgary Public Library, meaning I had every right to be there and listen to the presentation.

As I came in, I thought I saw Robyn Foret scurrying out the door into the general library space, but thought little of it.

I sat quietly in the audience seats for about 15 minutes, and was surprised to have an actual police officer invite me into the hallway. There we met with a security supervisor who told me that the organizers had deemed me to be ‘harassing’ them just by being there, and that I’d have to leave.

This without any sign of my doing actual harassment or trouble-making of any kind. The Library apparently just took their word for it (likely Robyn’s, since he’s the most virulent canceller).

It seemed that this had been set up beforehand in case I actually had the temerity to show up, as a member of the public, for a public event.

This is ‘cancel culture’ in extreme, of course, but the perpetrators will not, as usual, take any responsibility for gravity of their actions.

It’s pretty sad, really: one can almost taste their desperation.

October 4, 2022: An Email I received recently reminded me of a conversation I had at the recent SSSP concerning the Society’s Robotic Telescope. One of the attendees said he had tried to figure out how he could get an image of a particular object, an asteroid bearing his name, but was unable to manage it.

So either the user interface is extremely counter-intuitive, or maybe it’s just not doable through the website.

The Robotic Telescope is an issue that the Board could have, and in my view should have, brought before the National Council to confirm whether they had an actual mandate to spend the lavish sums of money the project has consumed… for little result.

After all, the Council is an advisory body, and the Board can solicit advice from the Council at any time, including getting the Council to vote on important issues.

September 22, 2022:  I read recently on FaceBook from a Member having problems receiving his Journals and his stuff ordered from the E-store.

Given the plethora of employees at the National Office, and the constant fee hikes to pay their costs, one would think they could do better.

Marie Fidler used to run the office alone, take the cheques to the bank, balance the books and the member list, address and mail out the Journals and Handbooks, etc… all without computer support.

Rosemary Freeman then took over, and had trivial computer support toward the end of her tenure.

Bonnie Bird was better with computers, but not a ‘power user’.

We got iMIS to do much of the work, now replaced by some other (presumably better) software package. Receiving money, putting into the bank account, updating the membership list, etc are all done automatically by computer these days, and the mailing of the Handbooks, Journals, etc is offloaded onto the publishers.

So we know that it takes one full time employee to do all the membership services, and maybe a third of the Executive Director’s time. Even if we said one additional full time staff member, that still doesn’t come up to the costs being allocated to membership services, as opposed to charitable operations.

It is rumoured that the staff feels overworked, but due to what is unclear, though evidently not member services.

And charitable operations (which includes everything we sell, all grants, etc) need to be self-sufficient, not subsidized by membership fees. After all, it is actually ‘offside’ to use charitable funds for any member benefits (like the Robotic Telescope), and the RASC should, for the sake of the members, ensure that the inverse also holds true.

September 15, 2022:   I attended the monthly Calgary Centre meeting, held as a ‘hybrid’ in-person / online one. About 15 or 20 people showed up in person, and there were perhaps 30 online for the webinar part. Robyn Foret was there, and asked me to join him in the hallway outside the meeting room, exhorting me not to show up to such meetings, even as a member of the public. He even brought with him two of the larger Centre Council members, whether to intimidate me or protect him from being assaulted is unclear.

He claimed he feels he has a ‘target on his back’ (referring to this website), whereas it’s actually me who is being targeted… and as usual he said he didn’t want to discuss any issues.

His refusal to discuss differences, in favour of promoting aggressive bullying and harassment, is sadly typical of the RASC leadership these days.

I have tried to open a dialogue with Robyn and the Board he led for two years, and have been rebuffed every time. Conciliation, mediation, and respectful conversation appear to be alien to his philosophy. Spiteful vindictiveness seems to dominate his attitude.

September 12, 2022:  John Kelly has requested, of Charles Ennis, and the RASC Board he currently leads, via email, for some specific details on what the Board refers to as “bullying and defamation”, and what specific materials Glenn Hawley has supposedly supplied to John to that end.

But, since the Board has been silent on these matters thus far, and perhaps even has no actual evidence or examples, John’s questioning may be regarded as rhetorical.

The Board has nothing to stand on, and cannot adequately justify itself or its actions… and probably won’t even try to do so.

September 1, 2022: My attention was recently directed to an email from Heather Laird to Grace Nelson (among others), in which Heather essentially admits to doing an end-run around the Society’s Policy Manual.

It is unfortunate that this typifies Board actions over the past six years or so. The Board has ignored our Policy Manual, ignored our Bylaw, ignored the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act, and even ignored CRA regulations  pertaining to non-profit organizations, any time it has found it convenient to do so.

Extracts from Heather’s email in blue, below:

“I wish to clarify that at no point did I personally request or initiate a complaint under Policy G23…”
“I do not know whose idea it was that the issue should be addressed under Policy G23.”

The Policy Manual offers two methods for dealing with disagreements between members. One is G24, relating to accusations of harassment, and the only other option is G23, a conciliation or mediation process.

Since Heather’s issue with Grace Nelson did not fall under G24, the only other course of action was G23. Heather, as a Board member who was involved in the rewriting of G23 and G24, had every reason to know these things, but chose instead to complain about Grace to Roland Dechesne, then President of the Calgary Centre, to convince him to impose some sort of direct sanction against Grace. 

Heather may have been disappointed by the failure of her earlier attempt to get the Board to sanction Glenn Hawley via G24, and perhaps thought she could accomplish more hurt by avoiding the Society’s policies entirely.

August 29, 2022: I have returned from the SSSP (Saskatchewan Summer Star Party) having talked with a number of current and past RASC members, most of whom harbour doubts about the Board.

Not just the various expulsions were brought up, but also the lack of Board transparency, the difficulty in deciphering the changing way our financial results are presented, the inadvisability of both the SkyNews purchase and the Robotic Telescope, plus the growing emphasis on charitable activities and away from member relations.

At least two members of the National Council felt (as I have) that the Board treats the Council with an attitude bordering on contempt.

While I endeavoured (as usual) to convince non-members, especially beginners in astronomy, to join the RASC, I also encountered some ex-members who had dropped out of the Society due to governance concerns, and the feeling that their membership money was being misused for non-membership activities.

July 15, 2022: I notice that the RASC has finally updated their website with the names of the new Directors and Officers. Apparently they had intended to finalize those things at a Board meeting right after the AGM, but they had wasted so much time discussing me (contrary to the CNFPC Act) and they didn’t want to miss seeing Sarah Seager’s talk, so they had no time for the customary meeting. Presumably they’ve held a Board meeting now to make their roles official.

July 9, 2022: I was going over the comments from the ‘anonymous’ correspondent, whom I am convinced is Past President Robyn Foret, and found him saying: “… matters such as complaints normally involve the persons who are complained against and those who filed the complaint as well as a mediator or someone like that…”.

I would tend to agree with him in principle, except for the fact that has not been the pattern while he has been active on the RASC Board. When he “put himself in the driver’s seat” with respect to Heather Laird’s complaint against Grace Nelson, he had the opportunity to immediately reset the process, and find a mediator, to deal with that dispute between two members according to section G23 of the RASC Policy Manual.

But instead he maintained the unilateral demand that Grace resign from her Council positions, and then proceeded to attack her husband, Roger as well, with no sign of mediation.

My removal from the RASC Email lists, and then from the RASC FB group occurred without my being notified of a complaint, and without any mediator or even discussion, despite section G13 of the Policy Manual listing removal from social media as a ‘last resort’ after increasing levels of warnings.

Despite Robyn’s denials, these are the actions typical of ‘cancel culture’.

July 6, 2022: I was reminded today that all the websites created for General Assemblies up to 2017 were proprietary in nature, and re-using the website for another GA would require going back to the originator for a rework (and pay them, of course).

In 2018, a year before being rudely (and illegally according to the CNFPCA, section 9: 129-130) removed from the RASC Board, Roger Nelson created the website for the Calgary 2018 GA, as well as revising it for the 2019 GA in Toronto, and the 2020 GA that would have been held in Vancouver.

He did it in WordPress, and gave the whole thing to the Society. Now anyone with some familiarity with WordPress can take it up, modify it (mostly with drag-and-drop) and use it again for future GAs.

His reward for this generosity was being expelled from the Society along with his wife.

July 4, 2022: Several indications lead me to believe that an ‘anonymous’ commenter on the main RASC page, with whom I had an extended discussion, is none other than the immediate Past President, Robyn Foret… venting frustration and resentment.

June 30, 2022: A second member from the AGM related to me much the same tale of a vote to kick me out of the virtual venue, though they noted that it was at the end of the GA anyway, and so would have been fairly pointless.

June 28, 2022: A member who attended the AGM reported to me that someone there proposed a motion to the effect that I be removed from the whole GA (GatherTown, public talks, etc) on the basis that they didn’t feel “safe” with my virtual representation around. I’m not sure if they expected my little pixelated Gathertown avatar to leap upon theirs, Super Mario style, and explode their mushroom, or what.

After much discussion, the motion garnered roughly half of the votes cast, with many abstentions.

However, the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act, section 162, (9), and following, requires that all motions at an AGM be sent out in advance to the members, and that since all business at an AGM is “special business”, a two thirds majority would be required to pass.

So not only was the motion out of order from the get-go, it failed to receive the necessary votes.

I would have expected someone on the Board to point out the defects, but apparently they either didn’t know the relevant contents of the Act, or in some cases perhaps their unfounded bias against me motivated them to not intervene.

June 27, 2022: The Board’s bylaw provisions passed with only about 90% approval. The issues remain that the ‘no local-only members’ provision is more aspirational than practical, and is apparently just an extension of the Board’s vendettas against certain members. Meanwhile, Robyn’s email countering my remarks on the Bylaw spurred considerably more traffic than usual to websites run by Roger Nelson and John Kelly, as well as possibly to this website. Given the strong likelihood of the Board’s amendments being accepted at the AGM anyway, his email effort seems to have been counter-productive to his ‘cancel culture’ campaign.

June 26, 2022: Robyn Foret has sent out a rebuttal to my remarks on this website, presumably emailed to all members, including an admission that the Board will not be implementing the RASC ‘local only’ membership provision against the most egregious example, that of the Centre francophone de Montréal… which is as I predicted.

For Robyn to send out such a panic-stricken plea suggests that he, and the Board, know full well that they intend being incoherent and arbitrary in the application of our Bylaws, and are afraid that other members will notice the problem.

Several members forwarded the text of his email to me, since he did not include me in the broadcast. The email also contains several personal remarks and vitriol directed against me, but I shall not reply in kind.

June 24, 2022, At the GatherTown virtual hanging out portal for the 2022 GA, I talked with a number of different people, some of whom opined that the Board was adamant about their bylaw changes, even the obviously defective second one. Since the chances of the Board implementing the provision and forcing the Centre francophone de Montréal to change its structure are remote, the likelihood of any other Centre paying heed in the circumstances are equally remote.

June 23, 2022: One of the Bylaw changes now being proposed for the AGM is something I explicitly warned Michael Watson against doing, since it would once again put our remaining francophone Centre in violation of the National Bylaws. But the Board is trying it anyway.

The RASC General Assembly is going to be online this year June 24-27, 2022. Two candidates for election to the Board have published Candidate Statements, but there should, in principle, be three vacancies. Robyn Foret and Chris Gainor are apparently stepping down, but it’s not been made clear who the third might be. I’ve paid for my attendance as a non-member for the public parts of the GA, but of course some of it is member-only.

June 17th 2022 I attended a regular meeting of the Calgary Centre, since these are always open to non-members. Robyn Foret, current President of the Society, seemed upset to see me there, and refused to let me ask the speaker a question during the Q&A after her talk. His pettiness continues even in  small matters. Heather Laird was there, and has apparently joined the Centre for a third time, having twice quit in a fit of pique when things didn’t go her way.

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1 year ago

Had this site sent to me by someone I thought I’d admired within the society because I was curious about what was going on, and I only find myself dismayed. The fact that this website exists is unconscionable. It is very clear by the evidence that you actually provide directly from the Board and complaints that you and your cohorts are in the wrong and I am incredibly proud to remain part of a society that doesn’t condone this behaviour or harassment. You all should truly be ashamed of yourselves.

1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

Curiosity hit and I decided to check this site again since my reply to your entry last month to see if you responded and you have. Comically, I might add… I took some time to look into our policies since. I don’t think you realize how incompetent your arguments are nor do you understand or recognize the harm you are courting towards an organization you claim to be trying to save. You seem to experience thrill thinking you know more than anyone else… the materials youve provided don’t prove what you think they do they’re evidence supporting those who have had to suffer your childish reaction to change. I’ve been resistent to change myself but not like this. You state in recent updates that you have attended events recently and the actions you outline in your entries are clear depictions of stalking. You are stalking a community and members of that community you deem harmed your ego and you are harassing them publicly. I’m surprised this is allowed. You mention two women in particular during your wrath of writings, and I find it reprihensible. It’s clear you are in your own world and feel these two people among others owe you something. I may be old but I’m not stupid. I’ve dealt with my share of bananas from men like yourself and I will keep an eye on how the society deals with this. Their best option is to ignore you just as I will going forward.

No Bro
No Bro
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

What a mess that response was to a legitimate call out for a second round. My dude, you are running around in circles and it’s pure entertainment….. keep yelling at those clouds ha ha ha ha

Anonymous 2.0
Anonymous 2.0
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

You see, someone calls this site and the behaviour of its author what it is, bullying, harassment and retaliation, and how does he respond. He tells you that YOU should be ashamed. With an inflammatory comment and then tries to double down on the nonsense he’s been spouting.

I agree with you anonymous, and he’s just reinforcing what you said.

1 year ago

You are so dense man. Every one of your replies to comments is down voted, so many people are telling you that you are wrong and NOW the very people you are accusing of bullying and harassment and cancel culture by bullying and harassing them AND slandering them online have police escorting you from their public events. You very clearly cannot see that you are the problem. All of these sites that you and your acolytes have written claim all of these illegal doings and how vile and corrupt they are and yet you are the one led away by police…..a little suspect.

Secondly, there is not one single website or public posting by those you are accusing here to back up your claims, the only person dragging yours and the other “victims” names through the dirt are what you and the other cavemen are posting. Focus that energy on a little bit of self respect and hygiene and you might start coming across as a human being rather than a Neanderthal. Good job on making yourself look bad!!

Nonya Bizness
Nonya Bizness
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

Yet again, playing the victim card. Love this narrative. What exactly would be tested in court? You’re balling your fists up, jumping up and down and whining “poor poor me”. It’s bloody laughable. You got removed from a group because of your actions and you will not accept the responsibility. These people want nothing to do with you or the people you are in cahoots with and you all still keep poking and poking. They are not going to react in a way that you are hoping. I bet they don’t even talk about you at meetings etc. you are meaningless to them. Just another bit of mud they scrape off their shoes when they wipe their feet at the door. Just stop.


1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

I lead no board you speak of. You obviously think I’m someone I’m not which solidified your paranoia. Whatever this is will not see a courtroom because it’s silly and childish. You’re a gigantic man baby. Get over it bud. Move on, carry on with your life, maybe take up fly fishing or rug hooking and spend your time doing that instead of pretending to be some martyr for a cause that you were the only one taking part in. Have a super Sunday afternoon!

1 year ago

The stars are for everyone!

The Stars are for everyone to enjoy
Tall or small, white, red, black or yellow
He, she, him or her, we all have the right
To look up and marvel at the universe,
And share that beauty with each other.

Those that want to take away the right for any one of us
To share and enjoy the wonders of the Universe
Have no claim of honour or wisdom.
Only self-righteousness, self-deification.

They like to sit up there on their pedestals,
Pronounce judgement on those that they think
Are less than themselves.
Who may have beliefs and biases
that are other than their own.

Yet we all know that the Stars are for everyone
And to take that joy a way from any one of us,
Is to make us all much more smaller people.

So let’s not forget this,
and remember to go outside
And look up and be amazed by the Universe
That is out there and
much greater than we can all imagine.


Eager Reader (AKA Anonymous)
Eager Reader (AKA Anonymous)
1 year ago

No updates yet huh? Thought for sure you would have sauced up with your buddy John and came up with some new soliloquy to slander the kind and wonderful people at this RASC place. Looks like they are still holding public events thankfully without you and the other “victims” there to gaslight them. Went to one last night, met a bunch of amazing people. Nothing like the people you diligently describe in your smear campaign. Can’t wait to see your next post!

A budding member
A budding member
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

Definitely not a RASC hosted event as the last time you went to one they had the police escort you out according to one of your ramblings. My takeaway is you go to different places and share only your side of the story and actively convince people that there are “vindictive bullies” and it makes them consider not joining. The important part here is that only one side of the story is being told by you and two others and the language being used is a clear example of bullying.

Sounds like you’re small group are the bullies and you were removed for it. Imagine being an adult and doing what you folks are doing. Websites….keyboard warriors. You must be so proud.

I’m sold. I’m becoming a member because of a society is willing to boot people like you they obviously care for their membership!!

1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

I read back on my comment and nowhere in it did it say that RASC members needed permission of RASC to get together…anywhere. What it says is that it was not at a RASC event because clearly you’re not welcome at them and would have been escorted away again. Making things up again to fit your narrative….congrats. You say your behaviour has been the same since the late 80’s but I assure you things are different now than they were in the late 80’s, maybe it didn’t adapt.

As for your comment about being an adult and getting the police involved, that’s what adults do when they are out of options with having unwanted people around them. How would you imagine that going any other way? What would you have them do instead? See it was likely not your actions in the moment but the actions you’ve presented in the past that caused that to happen.

You believe you’re doing something here on this website but you’re only making the situation worse for yourself. Retaliation isn’t a good look on anyone. There is no accusation of bullying, it’s truth. You are putting peoples names out here and though you claim you’re not bullying and it is the society that is bullying you, I don’t see anyone else out there, aside from you, John Kelly and now it appears Roger Nelson, plastering peoples names all over the internet and painting them in a bad light.

I will provide for you the verbatim definition of cyber bullying for you to read at your leisure.

“ What is cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is using computers, smartphones or other connected devices to embarrass, hurt, mock, threaten or be mean to someone online.”

-Taken from the Government of Canada website.

Let that steep sir, and then reconsider your position on not bullying anyone. Food for thought on a lovely Tuesday morning!

Dr. Bimboo
Dr. Bimboo
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

Wow, you hit the bottle early tonight, you’re not making any sense. When you finally find out that it’s not this Robyn person you are referencing that is leaving these comments you’re gonna fee pretty silly.

Since we’re in the copy, paste, quotation marks kind of mood I will follow suit.

“Victim” writes in his last comment:

“What would you have them do instead?”
Sit down and discuss any differences of opinion in a respectful and collegial manner, of course.”

Given the evidence I see in this inflammatory website, your responses would not be respectful or collegial, mostly because you would not have time to reference your thesaurus to conjure these big words to make you seem smarter.

I think the only person who needs to be embarrassed is you. Slanderous websites are a thing of the past good sir.

I’m going to direct you to a YouTube video now. Hopefully this helps your situation.


Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

Again with the retaliation narrative. This whole website is retaliation. You are so hypocritical.

I understand every word you write, I’m simply suggesting that you employ this so called higher vocabulary to make yourself look like the “victim”. I have it on very good authority that the reasons you and the others were removed has NOTHING to do with whatever nonsense you all are posting online…..all of this stuff you guys post, it’s all just evidence of slander and defamation. It’s a beautiful symphony. Keep up the good work….

Not who you think I am
Not who you think I am
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

What board did I lead?? You still have me mistaken for someone else and this leads me to believe you have a poor grasp on the English language.

Another thing you have a poor grasp of is reality. You actually believe deep down that if one has an extensive vocabulary they can’t be victims? Maybe you aren’t a victim of anything because the examples I read in your site would justify being removed from any society. Just give up man. If you and the other authors of various sites aimed at hurting these individuals had a leg to stand on you likely would have already been laughed out of a courtroom. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Dizzy with the circles
Dizzy with the circles
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

The evidence is posted all over this website, all the evidence you have put here and refer me to. That evidence? Yeah, that’s the stuff I’ve been reading. You’re grasping at straws now. Just stop. No wonder you like model trains, they are similar to your banter, round and round in circles.

Have you and these other two “victims” stopped to think that maybe…..just maybe…..the removal of you from a society was partly due to turning a serial harasser and convicted criminal (convicted of doing this exact thing) against some of their members? I mean, in normal society one accepts responsibility for their actions and seeks to grow from it rather than blame everyone else for the consequences of their actions.

Cheers bud, have another drink and try again!

Last edited 1 year ago by Dizzy with the circles
Can’t see the forest from the trees?
Can’t see the forest from the trees?
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

I have no part in any of these processes you beak about. The fact that John Kelly got involved at all is still likely the result of the removal. Regardless of your thought process it is not the fault of the society that John Kelly was involved, it is the fault of the person who chose to involve him. Consequences for actions. Action: involving a serial harasser. Result: removal from a society. Do you see how this works? Of course not, narcissists never do.

As for neutral, weird how he quotes you and has this exact same information on his site. Weird.

Lastly, no matter how many times you call me “Robyn” you’re wrong, it’s almost embarrassing, it must be so frustrating saying they name repeatedly and still being wrong.

Still not Robyn.

Still not who you think I am
Still not who you think I am
1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

Good morning and happy Monday. I’m still not who you think I am and I have to be honest, it’s quite funny! No matter how much you believe deep down in your heart that I had any part of any persons removal from this RASC place is never going to change the fact that I didn’t. Oh and it bears repeating since you have a difficult time understanding this. My. Name. Is. Not. Robyn. Nor did I sit on any board of RASC. I don’t care when Kelly started, that fact that a criminal was turned on a society to harass them is still just that, a fact. Doesn’t matter when, it matters that it happened. You will never sway me on this whole “victim” story your trying to shove down everyone’s throat. It would appear letting you go from any dealings in any society is more of a reward than a consequence, at least it is for people like me who have so much fun doing this. So I suppose I should thank you for getting removed! Hours of entertainment for me!

Looking forward to your reply!!

STILL not Robyn

1 year ago
Reply to  ghadmin

I see that John Kelly has posted who he thinks the real poster here is along with what are undoubtedly some email addresses created to make that person look bad, along with that persons workplace info and a statement saying Telus gave him that information. Thankfully there are screenshots so that when I tell you who in actually am all of the attacks on the other person will be noted and can’t be edited away. These posts have not been Robyn, it’s been me, Brian. I’ve let my membership lapse because I got tired of these sites and started replying to you. All of the posts I have made are mine and mine alone and are not tied in any way to the society as, like you, my lapsed membership no longer ties me to them. So now you know who it is! Have a great week! (I’ve left the only email address I’ve always used in the info section.)